Entertainment law services

Navigating entertainment, production, digital media and technology

At Media Law Group, we combine our love of creative expression with innovative business strategy to help creative makers thrive in today’s evolving entertainment industry.

Entertainment and media law services

Whether you’re a new artist just getting started or a veteran of the entertainment business, we will help you find and execute opportunities that will take your career to new levels.


Business entity formation including corporations, special purpose production companies, loan out companies, music publishing companies, limited liability companies, etc.

Prepare and negotiate agreements including:

  • Band Agreements
  • Songwriter Splitsheets
  • Producer Agreements
  • Film Production Agreements
  • Contracts for Television licensing
  • Brand licensing
  • Literary Publishing Agreements


Help find investors*

Develop business plans and pitch presentations

Negotiate fundraising and financing agreements

*Note Media Law Group is not a licensed broker dealer


Establish intellectual property protection, registration, acquisitions, sales and licensing



Royalties and Residuals


Draft and negotiate contracts including:

  • Recording agreements
  • Tour support agreements
  • Merchandising
  • Music Rights
  • Production Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Representation Agreements

Media Law Group can also act as your virtual in-house counsel to address day-to-day corporate governance and other ongoing legal issues related to the management of your business. If you are a musical artist, we work closely with your management team to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Why work with Media Law Group to take your career to the next level

As business development specialists, MLG can help you find the deal, paper the deal and implement the deal.

We’ve been in your shoes

Our managing partner, Lara Lavi, is a veteran musician, singer and songwriter who has toured the world with Peter Gabriel, Buddy Guy, Sheryl Crow, The Band, Arrested Development, Bonnie Raitt, Carol King, Midnight Oil, The Neville Brothers and many others. She understands first-hand what it takes to build a successful career.

We turn your career into a business

We believe that to succeed, you have to run your career as a profit-oriented business. We ensure that you have the legal, financial and marketing tools you need to find investors, generate a healthy income and satisfy those investors with a good return.

We're in it with you for the long haul

We offer more than a quick in and out engagement. Our goal is to fuel your long-term growth plan.  This means we are part of the consequences of the work we take on together.

We are deal-makers

The bottom line is, we work to solve problems and create opportunities so you can focus on your passion. As a deal-making firm, we work with you to find new avenues for growth.


An ideal advisor for creative clients

At Media Law Group, we solve problems and create opportunities so you can focus on your passion.

"Lara was the savior that came in and cleaned up all the messes in my life. She was easy to talk to, quick to respond, and made me feel safe and taken care of. I highly recommend Lara and her Law Group!"

"Lara is a gem to work with! I am very appreciative of her knowledge and dedication to providing successful solutions for her clients. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a music industry law professional."

Zac Levine


"Lara Lavi is one of those rare multidisciplinary genius lawyers whose expertise does not begin and end with the law. If you're an entrepreneur or an artist and you need a lawyer who really understands what it takes to forge your own path, then look no further. "

Other services to power your business

We have teamed up with a number of organizations to offer you the end-to-end services you need to grow your business
Sugarbird Marketing - Marketing and wordpress website design and development company in Seattle, WA

Financial services that take the pain out of running your business

We work with Blue J Financial to ensure that as a musician or artist, you have the affordable business and legal services you need to run your business professionally. This includes affordable, efficient, and on-demand accounting, tax, and finance support.
Sugarbird Marketing - Marketing and wordpress website design and development company in Seattle, WA

Marketing to set your business on a growth path

Through our partnership with Sugarbird Marketing, we help you go-to-market with branding, messaging, website, social media, public relations and more.

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At Media Law Group, we are problem solvers and opportunity creators. We bring a creative approach to helping you reach the next level. We specialize in startup and emerging business law as well as entertainment and media law.

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